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The pressure to deliver competitive new services, obtain efficiencies and lower costs is at an all-time high. We recognize the importance of innovation, however the majority of organisations struggle with the distraction of day-to-day operations, leaving a trail of technical dept and poor practices. Our experts are here to free you from this burden and get you back to what you do best.

Cloud Operations

Assess Architecture · Best Practices · Administration · Utilisation · Optimisation


Assessment of CI/CD · SDLC · Automation · Tools · Organisation · Process

IT Operations

Assessment of ITSM · CMDB · RACI · Monitoring · Support · Patching · Updates

Cloud Operations

Traditional system operations skills are vastly different from modern cloud operations skill sets. Bridging the gap is key in building a sustainable, high performing cloud operations practice that can meet the demands of modern businesses.

Knowledge uplift – Identify programmers interested in deployment ops or system admins interested in coding. Encouraging those interested in a holistic view of the technical environment is essential.

Governance Framework – Building a cloud adoption, standards and practices framework and operationalising it is essential for running de-centralised operations.

Metrics and Monitoring – Implementing tools and processes to manage spend, sprawl and consumption are essential to meeting business goals that justify the shift to cloud.

Dev Ops

Dev Ops is all about delivery practices, automation and eliminating bottlenecks. It is a collaborative journey refined through practice. We help form and document a roadmap that needs to be followed for continued success.

DevOps culture change – Enrolling stakeholders in a collaborative journey of continuous improvement is essential from top to bottom. We help balance trust, risk, speed and autonomy.

CI/CD – To establish and optimize the CI/CD development model and reap the benefits, companies need to build an effective pipeline to automate their build, integration and testing processes.

IT Operations

Aligning IT operations with industry standard frameworks helps companies reduce their IT operations costs and attain the agility and efficiency required for remaining competitive in today’s global landscape.

Cost reduction – Our teams drive organisations to adopt a repeatable framework for transforming their cost optimisation efforts from tactical to strategic to realise maximum value.

IT Operating Model (ITOM) – An IT operating model designed to provide delivery and support, clarity of service and accountability, technical and functional knowledge with tools (Service Now) and processes.

Service Integration and Management (SIAM) – is a framework for managing multiple suppliers of information technology services and integrating them to provide a single business-facing IT organisation.

"We thought we had optimised our costs, but coIB took it to another level." Michelle

General Manager - IT Services, Utility Company

"We honestly thought that was such an impossible ask; to move such a large complex set of workloads in the timeframe and to do it without causing outages was amazing."


CIO, Financial & Telecommunications Company

"What sounds simple gets very complex. coIB seem to thrive on the complexity and they actually give the whole team confidence that we can do this."


Head of Infrastructure, Financial Institution


We specialise in complex technology migrations, workplace transformations and digital operations consulting.

We deliver predictability in the face of complexity.

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